I Am Your Guy

Let's make this simple.

I am a web developer working at a startup in Virginia. I have been working there for almost three years, but it is that time of my life where I want to transition to an area and a job where I can progress further as a developer. I am still going to college, and I have a class and a half left before I have a Bachelors in Computer Science. Needless to say, a full time job as a developer definitely slowed my courseload down. Including the time I have spent learning web technologies in university, I have been doing web development for half a decade. That is made even longer by adding my learning of generic programming practices. All of this combines into a skillset that is decidedly full-stack.


The command line is my most comfortable environment. I hang out on my VPS for fun and have set up servers for a variety of clients. I can take a base linux installation and convert it into a fully-featured development environment ready for code, complete with a webserver and ssl. I debug linux systems for fun, so I can handle complications that inevitably show up in the varied world of client requests.


When I initially got my job, I was hired as a C# and AngularJs dev. Properly implementing requirements so that code endpoints output proper data was a huge focus of my workload. While my job definition has changed (I wear many hats), this focus is still reflected in my personal work and smaller client projects. Utilizing AWS for a one-off client API, using Ruby code to make a fun placeholder website are some recent examples of my language diversity. Add to that some javascript from the future for noodling around with bots and services, and you get a lot of variety with what I can provide.


Currently, my work focuses mainly on front-end code. I love learning new Javascript frameworks, so I love utilizing tools like Vue and Webpack when making something like an incredibly powerful Wordpress Plugin. Single-page applications that can handle multiple interaction paths and states are my favorite brain teasers, and the projects that I have made have been well received by clients.

I pride myself on combination of embracing creativity and a deep love of tinkering. As an employee, I thrive in taking the work of designers and turning them into an authenentic representation of the artist's vision. My implementations are timely made and websites I've coded are still used by major clients including Coca-Cola, the Washington Redskins, and IHeart Media Group.

There is a lot of awesome stuff I can build

I learn fast

When I transitioned teams at our company, I was given a task that at the time seemed monumental: rebuilding our Wordpress website. I had three weeks to do it, and I didn't know either Wordpress or PHP. I spent a lot of time pouring over documentation, learning language idioms, and discovering the unique quirks of Wordpress.

Despite these difficulties, I grit my teeth and dug my heels in. I got the project in on time, producing a website that could handle all of the URL routing and custom options our team could desire along with full version control, branch management, and robust hosting. More importantly, I learned and kept that knowledge. I still maintain the website to this day and actively provide implementations for new feature requests.

I believe that a carpenter's best tool is the hammer they made themselves.

I think Open Source code is one of the most revolutionary movements of our time. I use Open Source tools heavily in my workflow, and I love customizing them to comfort. I hang out and discuss with developer communities who focus on making coding tools aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. My dotfiles are something that I am fiercely proud of.

This obsession with new and cool technologies is something that transfers easily to the Javascript world. Where some may step back from new libraries, I thrive. I spend my saturdays going to Code & Coffee events to discuss the newest web libraries, and I take every chance to live-tweet at developer conferences.

What I am looking for


I will happily admit that I am an excentric personality. Things like my odd choice in hobbies (audio cassette collecting, thank you for asking) and an affinity for tattoos mean I stick out in a crowd. I am looking for a workspace where my unique interests are embraced and not judged. A workspace that is accepting of all genders, ethnicities, and cultures allows me to not worry, and focus on the things that matter: making eloquent code.


I want to wear my work's colors with pride. I want to take part in making clean, breathtaking websites. When I show our work to peers, I want their curiosity piqued and their visual tastebuds satiated. By myself, a web design award is a far feat to dream of. I want to be a part of a team where such a task is within reach.

Forward Thinking

My dream company to work for is one that creates daring projects. Applications that push the bounderies of web technology and are at the forefront of web innovation excite me. I want a job where I am constantly learning new languages and tools, and I hope to one day be at a place in my career where my voice helps forward how we interact online. I want to be encouraged to be a part of the global developer community and to leave my mark on web development as a discipline.


Location is very important to me as an employee. My ideal area is one that is creative and resourceful, and my ideal company is one that is a voice for the area. Support for local outreach is something I would love to participate in, and a pride for a company's local roots is a must. Are you remote only? Let me be your cheerleader wherever I live.

Do you think we are a good match? You can dm me on Twitter or we can go the more traditional route via email at theguy@itsnicholai.fyi. If you also want to see my personal work, you can find it on github. My resume can be downloaded here